Welcome to Michoacán

Diana Kennedy is currently transforming her property in Mexico into the Diana Kennedy Center (DKC) for the preservation of Mexico’s cuisines. 

The DKC functions as an educational center for both cooking instruction, and sustainability practices. The Center makes use of her life’s research on the cuisines of­­ Mexico, and opens the door to wider applications of the ecological sustainability she has practiced for decades. The DKC is offering courses on Mexican cooking, access to Diana’s library of over 750 books, support and guidance for a pilot program that will support the planting of small kitchen gardens at local schools. For getting financial aid you can get payday loans online in your local area.

For more information, please email info@dianakennedycenter.org.

To preserve and protect the culinary traditions of Mexico, and to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment in which to do so.
— Diana Kennedy